Today was filled with a very long demo from 8-2:30pm. Longer than most. The site had many questions. They were very nice and I had a good time but there were many many questions. I wasn’t stumped at all the whole time either. After the demo I had a 2+ hour drive back to Tennessee to my hotel.

You may have noticed that I’ve done a second self portrait for the December Challenge. I didn’t really want to do one but I also didn’t find any subjects I could photograph today. At least not after my demo. I could have asked one of the people at the demo if they wouldn’t have minded being a model for the portrait, however I do like to keep my work life and blogging life separate. It is less complicated that way. So I drove from VA to TN and stopped for dinner. I’m still not up to asking strangers if I can take their photo. So I ate dinner came back to the hotel and set up this shot.

I checked into another hotel. I took my gorillapod, set it up on the shower rod in the bathroom because that was where there was the best light. I set my point and shoot to timer, color accent mode and no flash. Then after a bunch of not so great photos I decided upon this one. I wanted the red on the T-shirt to really pop, but I am pink so my skin tone showed up on the color select. I used PhotoShop Elements to edit the saturation and contrast to get this effect.

Here are the photos that didn’t make the cut.

December Challenge Day 6 - Unused December Challenge Day 6 - Unused December Challenge Day 6 - Unused
December Challenge Day 6 - Unused December Challenge Day 6 - Unused December Challenge Day 6 - Unused
December Challenge Day 6 - Unused December Challenge Day 6 - Unused December Challenge Day 6 - Unused
December Challenge Day 6 - Unused December Challenge Day 6 - Unused December Challenge Day 6 - Unused

Speaking of making the cut. I am neck and neck with Reverse Turkey and tomorrow is the last day of round one of the 3rd International Blog Cup.

Don’t forget that I’m hosting 3 contests this month including.

And also I’m doing really well in the 3rd International Blog Cup but I need your votes every day in order to win.

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10 Responses to “Photo-A-Day #972 12/06/07”

  1. I like this one better than the previously two. You’ve got the intimidation factor going and the shirt is sweet! Keep up the great work on your blog! ~Jerry

  2. Karen says:

    Hi. Just popping in to let you know that Tina at Tina’s Treasured Thoughts asked me to put code on her blog. Your Photo-A-Day is working on her site.

  3. Nice photo. I own the gorillapod too. Used it on my last trip a lot.

  4. Drew says:

    Thanks very much Jerry, while I’m not really going for intimidation. I’m a big old bear, teddy at heart, I can sometimes look a little unapproachable, which is weird because people in airports talk to me all the time.

  5. Drew says:

    Thanks very much for helping Tina. I left her a comment and am adding her to my blogroll.

  6. Drew says:

    Thanks Neil, I really like using it. It is very fun. I have to find more situations to use it though.

  7. Yeah, it takes a bit of practice I find to use the gorillapod. You have to think in different ways to use it sometimes. I purchased the Manfrotto 486RC2 ball head with quick release and I keep it on the top.

    It makes it handy to snap the camera off and on plus you don’t have to squish the gorillapod into different angles when you just want to adjust the angle of the shot. It adds a bit of weight to the legs so you really need the SLR-Zoom version the tripod.

  8. Drew says:

    Thanks Neil, I will look into both of those. I just have the small Point and Shoot version of the gorillapod.

  9. Andrée says:

    That color setting on your camera is interesting. Hopefully it’ll be on my next camera. This one you chose is good; a couple of those can be used for mug shots! Keep them on hand! LOL

  10. Drew says:

    Thanks Andree, yeah, some of those are scary. I am happy with the one I ended up using, it was the best of all.

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