Photo-A-Day #974 12/08/07

Day 8 of the December Challenge. Today Allison and I took Eva to pick out her first Christmas Tree. The local Boy Scout Troop sells the trees each year and I want to help support them when the time comes around. The boys are always helpful and they even cut the trunk and loaded it on the car for us. This Boy Scout was particularly helpful so I gave them an extra donation.

we wandered around the small lot picking up trees and seeing how nice they looked, we saw many that didn’t fit the bill. However the one we did find was perfect. We paid for it and then one of the boy scouts cut the trunk for us. He cut it crooked. So this boy scout who mas much more skilled re-cut it for us and it is much straighter. They even tied up the tree to the car for us. While I trusted their knot tying abilities I was happy that we only lived around the corner.

I took a few other photos today.

A Christmas Message from Eva Allison and Eva at the Tree Lot Snuggly
Photo-A-Day #974e 12/08/07 Photo-A-Day #974f 12/08/07
Photo-A-Day #974g 12/08/07 Photo-A-Day #974h 12/08/07

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  1. I voted for you. Good luck!

    I remember helping the cub scouts learn to tie knots. It was a fun evening, but it’s probably a good thing you live just around the corner.

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