Photo-A-Day #976 12/10/07

Today for the December Challenge I subjected my wife to a bunch of photos. I wasn’t exactly sure of what I was looking for but I knew I would get something that I liked if I watched Allison and Eva play for a while. I also took a few additional images that I also liked.

Photo-A-Day #976b 12/10/07 Photo-A-Day #976c 12/10/07 Photo-A-Day #976d 12/10/07

Thanks everyone who has been voting for me in the iblogcup. I’m again in a tight race for this next round. I hope to make it through.

The responses for this month’s contests are not going that well. It is very simple to enter the contests and the prizes are great. Please submit your entries because winning could happen to anyone. Here are the links to the contest details.

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