Photo-A-Day #979 12/13/07

Today’s December Challenge portrait is of my friend Katie. We went to the atrium as the weather outside was pretty snowy. Katie and I spent a week traveling together for work. We drove all over Minnesota and while we were on our ride she was really easy to talk with, she has a great laugh and is up for fun adventures (Rollercoasters in the Mall of America). I wanted to make sure I captured her natural smile and laughter so I kept trying to make her laugh and catch the best shot. We used the atrium because of all the light and I didn’t need to use the flash, well once I realized I didn’t need to use the flash I got much better shots.

Today it snowed in MASS. And the ride home was the least pleasant one that I have had in a while. I was stuck in so much back up that I had very little to do other than Utter through Utterz. I could even take photos and upload them again because a new month is upon us and my 50 photo limit on Verizon has been reset to 0. I’ll be changing that all together next month so I can blog via Utterz all the time.

I must be off and get to shoveling the snow.

Don’t forget there are only two more days to enter my three contests. Look at the sidebar under my video for more details.

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10 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #979 12/13/07”

  1. That’s a great portrait, you did manage to catch it all naturally. Forced smiles or laughs never look right.

    I was in Mass last year, and the weather was nuts. Be careful in that snow.

  2. Thanks very much Maggie. I don’t really do the tagged memes anymore if that is okay with you. I’ve found that I tended to tag the same people over and over and they haven’t liked that so I stopped doing it. I hope you understand.

  3. Oh Fab, Are you already giving up on Eva? I’ll have to ask her. Now I’m scared about taking photos of my sisters for this challenge.

  4. Not bad. I’ve been reading your blogs on the photo a day. I shoot for a living and don’t think I have the stones to do that for nearly three years straight! Good for you man!

  5. I took a look at some of your photos, no wonder you shoot for a living, amazing stuff. I’m just trying to hone my skills and taking a Photo-A-Day has made me look at everything like a potential photograph. Thanks for reading my blogs and visiting.

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