Today’s photo is of my friend Bill from work. He was quick to volunteer and let me photograph him for the December Challenge. So it may look like Bill is outside but he is not. We are in the office in front of some art. Our building has art all over the walls. I also desaturated the image a bit too, to soften it. Here is another one that I took of Bill and the art in the background.

Photo-A-Day #983b 12/17/07

Tonight I went to CVS and made a 6X8 photo book of some of Eva’s photos so that we had one for ourselves. Allison picked out the images and I went and put the book together. It worked great for the most part. I walked up to the the kiosk and was “in the zone.” Creating the photo book was really easy, you pick your photos, then a theme and then the kiosk automatically puts your photos in the book. You can change the layout, move photos from page to page and many other things.

The book is 10 pages long and has about 42 images. When the images are put into the book they are all out of order so you can put an image on the clipboard and drop it onto another page. It is very simple, all touch screen stuff. You can also add text. Once I had all the images on the right pages I could change how the images were positioned on the page. I did that and then printed the book. Pages 7 and 9 somehow looked perfect on the screen but Eva’s head was cut off completely. And so I did it again and reprinted those pages.

Here is an image of Eva watching us pick the images for the book.

Photo-A-Day #983c 12/17/07

Also, Karen commented on my parent’s tree and she thought it was our tree, so I took an image of Eva’s tree that she could add to a post about Christmas Trees. I still have to take a photo of our tree to send to her as well. Here is Eva’s personal tree, a family tradition that the new baby gets their own tree.

Photo-A-Day #983d 12/17/07

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3 Responses to “Photo-A-Day #983 12/17/07”

  1. Mr. Fabulous says:

    She seems pretty intent on making sure you pick images she likes…

  2. Drew says:

    Well someday all of these will come back to haunt me or her for that matter.

  3. My Road says:

    […] friends Drew and Alison have and new baby, Eva. It is tradition in their family that the new baby has a tree of […]