Photo-A-Day #986 12/20/07

The weather is really crappy here today so it is nice to be home and warm. Allison has been feeling under the weather but she was very gracious to be part of the December Challenge for me. We played around a few times with this and I did some de-saturation of the image as well as some sharpening. If I was to do this again I would use a tripod. Allison held Duncan up to the window and I got a photo of him as well.

Photo-A-Day #986b 12/20/07

After work I ran to the Post Office to mail out Christmas gifts and then over to get my hair cut, it was getting very unruly, I don’t think I’ve had it cut since Eva was born. I trimmed my goatee down, that was getting huge and bushy as well. After that I went over to Stop & Shop and tried out their new personal shopping handheld device. It was very cool. I was pretty sure how to work the thing but the guy who was their to explain it ended up overselling the free service. Okay you scan the item, I get it. It is not rocket science. When the guy finally let me go (I think he wanted to talk to someone who would actually use the device) I found it very very simple to use. I went from place to place and was alerted to special deals as I walked the store. The deals were actually tailored to my spending habits from previous visits. Very cool.

Also very cool was my trip to Dream Dinners. Since Allison’s not feeling well I took over for her trip. It was a pretty cool experience. I had lots of fun there and I ended up seeing an old friend from High School. I am looking forward to the tasty meals that I put together tonight.

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