Photo-A-Day #988 12/22/07

Today Allison and I headed up to NH to spend the night at Nate and Sarah’s. The drive up was pretty easy and then we stopped at Longhorns for lunch. Eva slept the entire way and we were happy for that because when she woke up 5 miles from their house she was demanding lunch and wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Nate and Sarah have a beautiful home and we are happy to get the chance to come up for a visit. We packed up for what seems like a week, and I thought Allison had a lot of stuff with her before a baby. But now with Eva we are hauling a small cadre of accoutrement’s. Eva is now entertaining Nate and Sarah with her ever increasing vocabulary of coos and squeals. She is really enjoying being with them.

I got this photo of Eva with her godfather, Nate as today’s December Challenge Portrait. This was after we all watched The Usual Suspects, I crashed for a nap.

Well, we are going to have some quesadillas for dinner and then watch Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End on BlueRay. I’m excited to see how BlueRay looks.

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