This is my sister Shelby and my daughter Eva. Shelby is Eva’s Godmother. And Shelby held Eva most of Christmas Day with a few breaks so someone else could hold her. They have a special bond together and that is so wonderful. Spent Christmas with the family and not online so this was posted a day late but was taken yesterday. Day 25 of the December Challenge.

Christmas was wonderful. I will have to go through my photos and make an gallery on Flickr to share.

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4 Responses to “Photo-A-Day #991 12/25/07”

  1. Mr. Fabulous says:

    Ah, Eva and one of your sisters. So this is the package deal you were telling me about…

  2. Drew says:

    How did I know you would have something like that to say and be the first to say it? How did I know?

  3. This is a great picture! It’s so nice that they have such a special bond already! I love the tree in the background too! Great job!

    Keep posting!

  4. Drew says:

    They are so close already and that is wonderful. Glad you like the photo.