Photo-A-Day #992 12/26/07

Eva was all smiles after her trip to visit her Great-Grandparents and Uncle Nate and Aunt Sarah today. She had a very big and busy day and she should be sleeping now, however she is crying a bit right now and needs to do a little calming down.

It was back to the office today. Not a hugely busy day at work and the roads were pretty clear as well. I hit Target at lunchtime and that was a mistake, I should have done that around 8:00am before the crowds. All Christmas stuff was knocked to 50% off. So for the rest of the week the deals will get better and better. So if you are looking to score a bunch of stuff for next Christmas take a look at the department stores like Target and Wal-Mart for some great post-Christmas deals.

I posted at FuelMyBlog today about three tips for a Tech Tuesday on Wednesday and then I reposted it on Flatwater Tech as well.

Also this ice sculpture survived the past two days outside and looked pretty cool.

Photo-A-Day #992b 12/26/07

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6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #992 12/26/07”

  1. Eva is so beautiful! It appears that you all had a great Christmas, we did too! Hope to see more of your wonderful photography tomorrow 🙂


  2. Thank you so much Susan. There will be some more photos from Christmas up later today. Eva is sitting right next to me cooing and smiling away.

  3. What a cool ice sculpture! (well duh — it IS made of ice!) — you get my meaning. Is it in your front yard or someplace you pass on your way to work??

    That cute baby is getting you a lot of attention! She’s a doll!


  4. The sculpture is from work. It was atop the center of the Shrimp boat. It has stayed intact for 2 days.

    Yes, Eva does attract quite the bit of attention.

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