Photo-A-Day Hosts

Please direct your attention and your clicking fingers to my sidebar and the Photo-A-Day Hosts blogroll. That is a list of people who are currently hosting my Photo-A-Day on their blogs. Listed are some folks who have been Hosting Photo-A-Day for quite some time now and there are some new faces on the list.

I am very excited that the list of people who are hosting Photo-A-Day is increasing. On Wednesday night / Early Thursday morning I left comments on many blogs that I read asking for people to host Photo-A-Day. Much of the response was non-existent, come folks found my comments spammy (I apologize for that), but there were a few who answered the call and added Photo-A-Day to their blogs.

The Photo-A-Day Host Blog Roll will soon be the only blog roll I will have on my main page (except for Web Comics) and I hope that many more people decide to put Photo-A-Day on their blogs. Year Three started Monday and things are in full swing still. Year Three is looking to be a very good year for Photo-A-Day as well. Here are the current Photo-A-Day Hosts. Please visit their blogs.

Photo-A-Day Hosts

Thank you to all the Photo-A-Day Hosts.

If you would like to be one too then please click Photo-A-Day on the top of the page.

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  1. I wanted to, but I have way too many things in my sidebar already, i am a bit of a obsessive on that thing LOL, I am still pruning it today! LOL But it is a great idea.

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