22 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Hot 11/24/07”

  1. Hi Drew,
    It was done in photoshop, desaturated it in layers then painted the colour back in.Watch out for those candles…
    How are you getting on in Photrade?

    Cheers Mark

  2. Mark,

    It was really cool. I love the color popping.
    Photrade is okay, still pretty new. I’m stepping in slowly. Are you using it? I can get you an invite.

  3. Andrée,

    Actually it was April 8th, 2005. Photo-A-Day starts a new year on April 9th, my birthday, each year. Some of the plug ins I had stopped working right with the upgrade to 2.3.1 for WordPress. I’ll leave it off.

  4. That looks so toasty warm right now. It’s freezing and snowy here…I’d love to stand next to a fire like that! Have a great rest of your weekend!

  5. It was a nice warm night, especially with the fire. I could have used a fire like that last night. It is getting cooler here now.

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