Photo Hunters - Childhood 05/04/07

Here is my second Photo Hunt shot. This is of my cousin’s son. He is such a joyful kid and full of energy and laughter. His cousins helped him find this old kickball that was lying around the backyard. He promptly put it on his head and ran into the house to show it to everyone. Just so happy and excited. That is childhood to me, happiness and having fun and being excited about things.

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22 Responses to “Photo-Hunters – Childhood – 05/04/07”

  1. George says:

    Thanks for visiting.

  2. Hilarious! I love a good kickball hat myself…

  3. Drew says:

    And thank you right back.

  4. Drew says:

    It was a pretty funny incident.

  5. incog & nito says:

    Yep I agree – fun, laughter and happiness is a right of every child. Happy weekend.

  6. ipanema says:

    Easier way to carry it around. Looks like he’s enjoying it. 🙂

  7. letha says:

    That’s great, and better than a nappy which is what I thought it was when I first looked lol

  8. pat says:

    Oh that is too funny!!

    Happy Weekend!

  9. Janet says:

    lol a kick ball! I thought it was some kind of diaper 🙂

  10. Drew says:

    Thanks so much for visiting everyone!

  11. Amber says:

    That’s a great pic! And thanks for visiting my site!

  12. jmb says:

    Great photo. He looks very pleased with himself.

  13. Chen says:

    Hahaha, your cousin’s son is such a darling 🙂

  14. srp says:

    This is hysterical… it reminded me of a picture I have of my daughter around the age of 2. She found a big plastic bucket and had it on her head… trying to walk around the house and running into everything. Great shot for the hunt this week.

  15. Ilse says:


    This is a fun photo. I like the hat 🙂

  16. Hummie says:

    Oh, isn’t that funny! To be a child again!

  17. Anita says:

    So cute! My youngest nephew does that with his pull-up all the time. I think I have a similar picture of him!

  18. Linda says:

    Happiness and having fun and being excited – absolutely! Great picture, too!

  19. Loni says:

    Adorable picture! I have a couple similar but my kids would be mortified if I put it up!

    My childhood picture is up.

  20. Very stylish 🙂

  21. And mine’s up too 🙂

  22. lessake says:

    it just amazing how the most little things can be the most joyful 🙂

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