Early Morning Sky – PAD #1001, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

One from the Archives for the Photo Hunt. Photo-A-Day #1001. Early morning light in New England. When I go to work and it is dark and head home it is still dark. Gotta love New England in the winter.

And here is a Photo of Clouds that are reflected on the airplane in London. I should have posted last Sunday but was still a bit out of it from my flights.

Paddington's Plane

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8 Responses to “Photo Hunters: Dark”

  1. Chica says:

    That bear is just too adorable, and Eva will love that thing for it’s lifetime and more, especially with the book your making. Brilliant idea. 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Love “Early Morning Sky” it would make an amazing cover for an album 😉

    Karen’s last blog post..Electromagnetic impulses’s Podcast

  3. June says:

    That first shot is terrific…so many subtle changes in the lighting!

  4. Very nice PH photo! Cool shot of the plane, too.

    Mrs. Mecomber’s last blog post..Photo Hunters: Dark

  5. Drew says:

    Thanks Chica,
    I’m going to get the book together for her 1st birthday. A mere 2 months away from tomorrow. Yikes.

  6. Drew says:

    Thanks, I hadn’t thought about that, might be pretty good for that purpose, thanks for the comment.

  7. Drew says:

    Thanks very much June,
    I got to the office, saw the sky and that was that.

  8. Drew says:

    Mrs. Mercomber,
    Thanks. I was told, no more photos after I shot that one. Luckily I got that on the first try.