Photo Hunters: Self 05/31/08

Photo-A-Day #972 12/06/07, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

I took this one a while ago in December. Here is the description from that day. This is for Photo Hunters. This week’s theme is Self.

I didn’t find anyone to shoot a portrait of today. So that is two self portraits for the December Challenge. After a 2 hour drive, a dinner alone and another hotel to check into I took my gorillapod, set it up on the shower rod, set my point and shoot to timer, color accent mode and no flash. Then after a bunch of not so great photos I decided upon this one. I wanted the red on the T-shirt to really pop, but I am pink so my skin tone showed up on the color select. I used PhotoShop Elements to edit the saturation and contrast to get this effect. More at The BenSpark

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10 thoughts on “Photo Hunters: Self 05/31/08”

  1. Teena,
    Harleys are awesome, I don’t have one but I have a ton of t-shirts and I collect a Harley pin from every shop I have ever visited (I have over 100 now).

  2. Claudia,
    Check out the podcast Photoshop Elements Killer Tips. They would help very much on learning the product.

  3. The photo is very good especially the beard and the Harley T-Shirt looks damn good on him. Hope let me also take a photograph in the same way and get lots and lots of comments from people.

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