Photography Lessons at Capron Park Zoo

Photo-A-Day #3002

With the Summer upon us it is time for some alternative lessons for Eva. She started out this morning doing some writing and this afternoon I took her out shooting… Photos that is.

I got a new camera yesterday and wanted to take it through it’s paces. I also had an old Kodak camera that I gave to Eva. She’s very excited about taking photos. We went to Capron Park Zoo to see the animals and take tons of photos. We walked in and sat down on the benches near the Splash Pad and talked about taking photos. With Eva I’m going to have to give her some quick short lessons because she bores easily and wants to go, go go. Eventually we’ll get to the more advanced stuff and learn a little patience along the way, on both sides. But she is very excited to get going and she even talked about wanting to take a photo a day. I can’t wait to see what kind of things she sees.

Tonight Allison, Eva and Andrew made some new friends. We went for dinner at my friend Aaron’s house. I caught back up with Aaron a month ago at my friend Mike’s wake and funeral. He lives close and has a couple of kids Eva’s age, one older and one younger. Eva hit it off with his daughters right away. They had a fun time together swimming, watching movies and playing stickers. It was a wonderful night for her.

Allison and I had a great time, too. She made a roasted corn, tomato and avocado salsa that was out of this world. Aaron made burgers, dogs and ribs. He made a ton of ribs and sent us home with a whole container of them. They were really good.

After dinner we had fun conversation with Aaron and Denise. While that went on Andrew had a great time. He played a bunch of games and then played a game with Denise. He took a small bottle of water and she kept asking him for it. She said please and he would giggle like crazy.She would say please and he would then try to say please a bunch of times and then turn away and giggle. He’s such a little prankster.

Next time it is our turn to host and we are looking forward to the next time.

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