Today Allison and I met with the guy that we want to be our photographer for the wedding. His name is Cullen Jones. We met up with him at the Solomon Pond Mall food court. Cullen had his adorable daughter in tow. She sat quietly and colored and played with her My Little Ponys. Cullen is a wedding photographer as a creative outlet and it shows in the photos that he showed us. He even had a great album of pictures of his daughter that he had created through the website Ophoto. That is what sold Allison. He’s also a Buffett fan and believe you me that was also a good thing in his favor.

Cullen shoots black and white and color and it is all digital. He gives us a 300 photo proof book and a CD of original images also so we can do our own digital images. Later this week we’ll call Cullen and let him know that we want to sign a contract. You can check out his site here.

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