Picking Out the Christmas Tree 2013

Photo-A-Day #3170

We took the kids to pick out a Christmas tree today after school. We had parent/teacher conferences tonight so we tried to do a few errands between pick up and coming back for the meeting. So, after school we picked up Eva and went to Attleboro Farms to pick out our tree. We’ve gotten one there ever since we moved into our house and figured that would be the best place to go back to this year as well.

Santa Claus

It was cold out, very, very cold. The kids kept warm by running around and looking at all the trees. I took a bunch of photos with the Samsung NX300. There was a Santa cutout that both kids tried. I love Eva’s expression from her photo.

Finding the Right Tree

There were a ton of trees to choose from. Maybe because we didn’t wait until the very last minute this year.

Transporting the Tree

I’m glad that I hadn’t taken off the kayak racks yet. The tree fit right into the rack. It was also a pretty light tree and I was able to put on the stand and carry it into the house easily. It was set up and tied to the walls so that the cats and Andrew couldn’t knock it over.

The parent / teacher conference went very well, we had no doubt about that because Eva loves school and her teachers enjoy her. She’s a good student.

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