Picking Paint and Cleaning the Garage

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Today was another day over at the new house. I started in the garage and there was a lot to be done. When the previous owner remodeled the kitchen the old cabinets were installed in the garage. Over the years those cabinets became havens for mice as evidenced by all the mouse poop I found in those cabinets. The garage is a two car garage and I cleaned out the left side first then moved everything over to the clean side. Then I tore all the cabinets off the wall and moved those over to the left side as well.


Allison and Eva worked on the kitchen and the dining room while I was in the garage. They did a great job getting the kitchen clean. We were also visited by our friends Michele and her two kids. Eva was so excited to play with her friend Audrey. Michele’s son Nate was eager to give me a hand in the garage. I was happy to have a kid who could run into the house and grab a few things for me to help me clean. There was a table in the garage that was salvageable so I cleaned that and pushed it against the far wall. It will be a good one to use as a work bench. I’ll probably have to put something new on the top of the table and I’ll spray paint the legs.

I got all the cabinets off the wall and all the walls and the whole floor vacuumed and swept. The garage might have had a wall or something between the two bays at one point or another. What is left of that is a rotting 2X4 embedded right through the middle of the floor. I used the shop vac to clear up that crack and widened it out. I’ll have to fix that as well. I’m thinking of leveling it out and then painting it.

Speaking of painting, we went to Triboro Paint Center to pick out paint for our bedroom, Eva’s bedroom, the office, the living Room, the nursery and the hallway. Eva is up in the air about painting her bedroom. I’d rather paint it but she seems to be interested in the existing wallpaper. She’s talked about painting her bedroom pink for a long time now. Personally I’d rather paint it.


After our trip to the paint store we came home and Allison and Eva did more cleaning of the kitchen. I headed upstairs and started scoring our bedroom. We’ll start stripping the wallpaper in the four upstairs rooms next week. I hope it comes off easy enough and I also hope the walls behind them are in decent shape too.


I’ve started a set for our new house. As we make changes to the house I’ll be posting photos to this set. I think that doing some before and after shots will be a good thing for us to have as we move forward.So here is the New Bennett House – Summer Street set.

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6 thoughts on “Picking Paint and Cleaning the Garage”

    1. Deborah

      That little bit of work is going to have to wait a long while. Man cave is on the bottom of the priority list. 🙂

  1. The rush of moving into a new house, eh? Looks like the garage needs a lot of work but hey there’s so much possibilities in there. Good luck!

    1. Thomas,
      The garage is in good shape, I just have a bunch of work to do on the floor. I may even paint it, I am not sure.

  2. Drew,

    have you ever heard of the family handyman magazine?
    they did a write-up once on Simplastics’ garage systems. I think it would be great for your new garage. These totes/bins can be hung from the ceiling off of rails or they can be stacked on the ground. there are multiple sizes to choose from and also many different colors available.

    If you are interested in what i am talking about, let me know and i will provide you with a link to see the exact setup (don’t want to include it unless you’re interested, don’t want you to think i’m spamming so let me know)

    1. Tyler,

      Sure you can link it up. I can go to simple plastics with the link from your name but if you want to show me a more specific link please do. thanks.

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