Pink Barrette… PAD #1177

Pink Barrette

Call me a softie but I think Eva looks so adorable when she is in pink and especially with this pink barrette. It certainly keeps her unruly hair in place.

We had a really nice afternoon at our friends Ryan and Amy’s house. We had a great cookout and a very fun time. Ryan gave me a copy of his first comic book that he wrote and created called Project J. The comic centers around three boys who had a harsh Catholic upbringing, time travel and religion. I am interested in seeing where Ryan is taking this story. The subject matter may not be for everyone but issue one was decent and sets up the premise behind what the characters are going to try and do. Ryan’s home page is Cardinal Sin Studios. Ryan has some great potential and a good artist behind him. He’s also one of the guys that I can talk comics and comic book movies with all the time. He’s even a bit of an artist himself but his true talent comes with his writing and creating stories and characters. Here is a review of issue one from the Project Fanboy website.

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6 thoughts on “Pink Barrette… PAD #1177”

  1. Thanks Karen,
    For now Ryan is doing ti for the fun of being a writer of a comic book. Sure he’d love to break into comics and be successful and I wish him well. Right now it is fun to see him having fun.

    And Eva is just looking more and more cute each day. So many new things she is experiencing and learning and showing us, it is wonderful.

  2. Yes – you really need to try our barrettes! I just found this and posted a thanks to Elizabeth (above). Email me if you are interested in testing our product – pink, pink or PINK, it will stay put. WR, Tristan Benz, Maiden America

  3. Tristan,
    I sent you an e-mail. I would certainly like to test out the product. I looked at your site and they are adorable. I can’t wait for Eva to wear them.

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