Photo-A-Day #2259

Last month I took a bunch of photos of Purple Flowers and this month I took a bunch of Pink ones so far. We just have so many flowers around blooming every day. My sister Tara has planted most of them and she’s showing Eva how to plant all sorts of plants. When we get to the new house I can’t wait to see what flowers are going to pop up around the new place. I’ll be shooting a whole bunch of new stuff then.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Mystic, CT. I’m doing a blog related trip with Hilton Hotels and we’re going down after Eva’s last Gymnastics and last Swimming classes. I’m excited about going to the aquarium and going to swim in the hotel pool. Eva is excited about the pool very much. I’ve been looking up places for us to go to eat for dinner. I know that when we get there we’re going to go to a great burger place for lunch. We stopped there on a trip to PA once before and it was delicious. Hope it is as good as we remember. Can’t wait for out trip tomorrow. Eva is so excited to he staying in a hotel. And the pool is salt water too.

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2 Responses to “Pink Flower Kick”

  1. Christine says:

    Mystic is nice. Go to Mystic Seaport Museum if you can, it’s nice. But whatever you do, stay as far away as possible from a place called The Steak Loft. That place is HORRIBLE; they claim to be a steakhouse but didn’t slice Mike’s steak AGAINST the grain, as they should have. Try S&P Oyster Company; we liked that place a lot. It comes with a nice view of the water.

    Latitude 41 at the Mystic Seaport Museum is lame. Overpriced, with bad service. We went there for Mike’s birthday once, waited over 30 minutes for a server to show up once we got seated, and we ended up leaving in disgust. I complained online to the manager, and he lied about our situation, claimed that we’d already ordered drinks, when we hadn’t. WTG to get us to come back!

    I hear the Equinox Diner is really good, although we have not tried it ourselves yet.

    Have fun on your trip, and I hope you find a nice place for dinner!

    • Drew says:

      Thanks Christine. what do you know of the Dog Watch Cafe. That is on the water and might be a fun place to eat.

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