Pirate Fruit Salad with PEG + CAT and Whole Foods

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As a PBS Kids VIP (Very Involved Parent) I occasionally get screeners and fun activity kits to do with the kids. I was sent a PEG + CAT screener and activity pack for a new partnership between PBS Kids and Whole Foods with an emphasis on nutrition (For more information about the partnership: http://www.pbs.org/about/news/archive/2013/whole-foods-partnership). Opinions of everything at 100% my own.

The Activity pack that was sent to me included:

  • PEG + CAT DVD Screener (2 episodes)
  • $35 Whole Foods Market gift card
  • Recipe for PEG + CAT pirate-themed fruit salad and activity
  • 2 PEG + CAT Coloring Sheets and crayons
  • The Chicken Problem book by the show’s creators Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson
  • PEG + CAT graph paper notebook and PBS Kids pencils
  • Our Healthy Week activity sheet to track all of the healthy things your family completes
  • Meal time calendar

First we needed to go get our supplies for the fruit salad activity. Eva is really good with her numbers. We got a copy of The Chicken Problem when I went to the PBS Annual Meeting, I actually got two of them and gave one to Eva’s school. She’s in a new school and Allison and I are going to be library volunteers so I think I’ll be donating the book to the school library at the new school. It will be a great one for the Kindergarten kids.

While Eva was at school Allison, Andrew and I ventured to Whole Foods. There isn’t one that close to us. But since we were making the trip up that way we popped over to Larry Joe’s New England Firepit so Allison and I could split a pit dog (He makes his condiments fresh and uses Pearl Hot Dogs, so that is healthy).

Grapes for Sale

I haven’t been in Whole Foods before but it is a pretty nice place. I was most impressed with the people in the checkout lanes. Both the cashier and bagger were friendly and competent. There were also samples around including slices of oranges and apples. Andrew was a bit miffed and these helped calm him a bit.

Decent Sales on Peaches

While the recipe only called for bananas, strawberries, grapes, peaches and blueberries we decided to also add some raspberries and blackberries because I like them. We loaded up our supplies and headed home and to pick up Eva from school. Good thing we packed a cooler because it was hot today.

Got our Supplies at Whole Foods

Our experience at Whole foods was a good one. I did not see any of the PEG + CAT materials in the store though and so if you are looking for the fun recipe and other materials check out pbskids.org/healthykids. There you can go to the PEG + CAT site and learn more about this great show that is premiering October 7th. We watched the screener with the two episodes on it including the one about The Chicken Problem. Eva really enjoyed it and I love CAT, he has some funny reactions and one liners. The show is great with math concepts.

I mentioned earlier that Eva is good with Math so when it came time to actually put the fruit into our pirate-themed cups she didn’t count everything out but rather just made the fruit cups. It was crazy at the house plus it was gross hot and muggy out (and I thought we were done with that weather for the year). She did a great job and she enjoyed drawing and coloring the treasure chest wraps for the plastic cups that we used. We did not have empty yogurt containers so we used plastic kids cups. I think they came out pretty good.

A Pirate Treasure Chest of Fruity Booty

It was a fun activity to do with Eva and she is already of fan of PEG + CAT and cannot wait for the episodes to start on October 7th.

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