Pit Stop at Cabela’s…

Today Allison and I drove down to Pennsylvania, and we stopped for a rest at Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA. Cabela’s is a giant sportsman store. It’s huge, not as huge as Bass Pro Shop’s Outdoor World in Springfield, MO, but huge none-the-less.

Allison and I got off the highway to stop at a Schaeffer’s Harley Davidson Shop to get me a pin, (I didn’t realize that the Schaeffer’s pin was the same one that I already had) and the folks at the shop told us about Cabela’s.

They said that the shop had a stuffed elephant. They weren’t kidding, the place was a taxidermist’s masterpiece. In the center of the store was a three story mountain that had animals from many different climates. The entire mountain was split into many different environments, a forest, the tundra, desert, and the Savannah. The Savannah was in another area. They also had a freshwater stream with rainbow trout and an aquarium with many freshwater fish. It was actually very interesting to see all of the different animals and fish.