Plates... PAD #1082

Today was a demo day so I rode to site with the sales team and another demonstrator this morning. It was an hour ride and we went by tons of farms and saw so many trees damaged by the bad ice storms that Kansas had this year. Just so many trees. damaged. The towns were run down as well. It is just sad to see that. There was one town with an amazing brick building on main street with a beautiful stained glass set of windows.

During the ride back I wrote up a blog post for Google is Not God through Utterz including a photo taken as we whizzed by farms.

For dinner tonight I went out to Red, Hot and Blue BBQ for dinner. It was awesome. The ribs, pulled pork and fried corn on the cob was amazing. While I was there I took some photos of the place including my plate for my meal.

Red Hot & Blue

I also played around with the color select option on my camera for a post that I will be writing for the IZEA blog. The plate had a blue band around it so I choose that as my focus color.

Color Spotlight

I also wrote a post on Read to Me, Dad as well. It is about Baghdad Pups, an interesting charity organization.

Going with the plates theme of the post title I took photos of some pf the license plates on the walls. These would be great for Trevor Carpenter’s Entropy themed April Challenge.

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2 Responses to “Plates… PAD #1082”

  1. Dad (Grandfather) says:

    Your traveling does give you a chance to see what is happening around the Country. It’s great that you take so many pictures and capture the true feel of the back roads. The pictures of food make me hungry, a fried corn on the cob. Stay safe.

  2. Drew says:

    Traveling does allow me to see what is happening. It is very interesting overall. I hope to get some decent shots today as I drive back to Tulsa.

    The Fried Corn on the Cob was delicious, a treat not to be missed if it is on the menu.

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