Please Stay This Way Forever

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This morning I went to Toys ‘R Us for their “Skylanders Event”. Signs have been up for two weeks that all your favorite Skylanders would be restocked on March 21st. Well, there were a bunch of them in stock but nothing new even though today Zook and Lighting Rod were supposed to be out today. It was disappointing because those figures appeared in other Toys ‘R Us stores in other places. Luckily I had Twitter to chat with other people about it. I also met some people in line who know where to get hard to find figures for non-scalper prices.

While I was at Toys ‘R Us I picked up a Nerf sword for Eva along with a Thor helmet and a chain mail cape. She’s been all about the cartoon movie The Next Avengers. It is all about the children of Marvel’s Avengers. Thor has a daughter named Torunn. She carries a sword and Eva has been calling herself Torunn lately. She’d been carrying around a small soft baseball bat as her sword. Well, that certainly would not do for this Geek Dad. I also picked myself up a Nerf Mace because, well, how else can we do battle.

Today was just so much fun to play with Eva. She really enjoyed the game. She also packs quite a wallop. We were sparring and telling stories about Thor and Torunn, Eva was giggling so much in between swatting at me like crazy. Her battle cry was “Offend Yourself!” Allison loved that but she did say that she’s drawing the line at us going out LARPing.

We got the second part of the backyard done tonight. So now I’m down to the front yard and then the garden. Spring Cleaning is rolling along. The weather has been great and we even spent some time as a family rocking on the porch swing and reading a book together. So nice.

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  1. i remember the first time we met, in the elevator at some Orlando hotel, and Eva was sooooo very small. it warms my heart to see the two of you playing fantasy! keep the imagination alive!!!!


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