Point 65 Kayaks

In my search for many kayaks the world over I learned about Point 65 kayaks, they are from Sweden. And I was reading their blog and it seems that Nigel Foster (Basically he is THE MAN when it comes to kayaking) is now heading up the Point 65 Research and Development team.

Point 65 has some beautiful kayaks that range from the cute Nemo recreational kayak to the high end sea touring kayaks like the Sea Rover.

Point 65 is sold in the USA. They are distributed in both Maine and New York. I’d love to go and try one of their boats out if I ever get a chance to go to Belfast Maine or Plattsburgh New York.

A really cool bit of information also is not that the Point 65 kayaks are being sold in Iceland. But rather, they started being sold on the 30th anniversary of Nigel Foster and Geoff Hunter’s circumnavigation of the island back in 1977. How awesome a trip that must have been.

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