Giveaway/Review: Pokemon Toys by TOMY

Pikachu and Kyruem

I received a big box of Pokémon™ toys from TOMY to review and some to give away. I will freely admit that I know less than nothing about Pokémon™ but I do know a thing or two about toys. There were three different types of toys that I received. There were 7″ Articulated Vinyl figures, Catch ‘n’ Return™ Poké Ball™ sets with figures and 2 Pack small figures (Like Pikachu and Kyurem above).

I like the two packs of figures because I am a fan of having toys displayed on my desk at work and these little figures are perfect for that sort of thing. The figures look good and are well designed. There are over 40 of these figures that have been released in two packs so far.

The 7″ Articulated Figures are part of the Legendary Pokémon line of characters that are featured in Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 video games. I’ve never played the game before but it is extremely popular. I can’t even pronounce the names of these figures and I’m pretty sure I butcher all of them in the video below.

Pokemon Catch Ball

I also received some Catch ‘n’ Return™ Poké Ball™ sets. I enjoyed these because the toys actually work. You can pull back the Poké Ball™ and let it go. If you are on target with the character you will capture it and the ball will roll back to you. I know enough about Pokémon™ to know that the characters are captured in these Poké balls or thrown out into the ring to battle each other or for training and such. This toy above the others ties into what the series is about and can give that kid the experience of being a Pokémon™ trainer.

As the video states I’m going to give away many of these Pokémon™ toys. I’m keeping the ones I had to open for the review but the rest will be given away in two packs of three toys (One of each type). Here is an image of the toys I’m giving away.

Pokemon toys to give away

Here’s How to Enter.

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8 thoughts on “Giveaway/Review: Pokemon Toys by TOMY”

  1. I actually do not know any names of any of the characters. I did not grow up with them but I son talks about them, he learns in school but I still do not know any names, but I am sure that if I win my son (who will get them) will teach me and I can come back and let you know! 🙂

  2. I have a Pikachu vs. Kyurem 2-pack, Scraggy vs. Yamask 2-pack, Catch N Return Poke Ball Pikachu Quick Ball, Clip N Carry Poke Ball Keldeo Master Ball, Catch N Return Poke Ball Landorus Ultra Ball, Oshawott 3-pack, Snivy 3-pack, and Tepig 3-pack. I’ll be getting Catch N Return Poke Ball Tornadus Premier Ball and Catch N Return Poke Ball Thunderus Luxury Ball later this month. I wish Tomy release a pink Pokedex toy for girls. Why Pokemon Tomy products only appear boys? Pokemon and gender stereo type do not belong together. That’s why Pokemon Tomy products should appeal towards both boys and girls so Pokemon appeals to all kinds of child regardless of gender.

  3. everyone is saying pikachu haha my fav is Squirtle..when i had pokemon red and blue…he was my very first choice and because of that i always go for water starters haha

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