Poking Holes in it

Poking Holes in it
Photo-A-Day #1588

Allison and Eva went to the Eric Carle Museum yesterday out in Amherst, MA. They had a wonderful time with Allison’s Aunt and Grandmother. Eva had fun playing with everything there and also doing watercolors. While they were there they got cookies. All the cookies have holes in them in honor of the Hungry Caterpillar. Some may say a cute gimmick, I say, “Hey! Less cookie.” But really they are cute.

Today I worked part of the day at home and part of the day in the office. While I was gone a meeting got added to my calendar on my telecommute day (always the way) and I had to go in because I was the one running the program, Cooliris. I talked about it a while back and since that time have been talking with folks from Cooliris about the things I’d love to see different in the program.

The reason we were using my laptop was one of those limitations I was talking about and has to do with how I had to store images and videos. I went in to demo this to the group who was going to demo to our VP at some point. Well, that some point was right after we met and I was running the computer and explaining the limitations of the software. Good thing I shaved and had a tie on (NOT).

The demo that we had went okay and there were four teams there to talk about how to improve workshops that we do. Now I never talk about my company by name because it is very old and very traditional so when people were talking about using facebook and twitter I just about fell over.

I can safely say that with regards to those topics I was the complete expert in the room and jumped right in (once I saw an opening) and discussed options that could be done in order to set up a social network for our customers that we could have some control over (NING) and the ones that we’d be unable to control as much (Twitter) & to some extent (Facebook). I showed everyone the social network that was set up for Affiliate Summit and also the Facebook page for Dot Com Pizza and my Tweetdeck. Pretty sure there was nothing embarrassing there, at least my Milli Vanilli Video was at the forefront or anywhere to be seen for that matter.

Who knows maybe the company will need a Social Media “Expert” in the coming months and years and I can use my knowledge and talents for something worthwhile to the company. I stopped just short of Pokens but will maybe suggest getting custom ones that are more corporate and less cutesy.

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6 thoughts on “Poking Holes in it”

  1. When I worked, right as I was about the quit for good, they hired a guy in the ecommerce marketing dept and he was trying to get them into corporate blogging. He called the helpdesk, where I work, to make the request to have wordpress, blogger, and movable type all unblocked. I got the call and man it took everything I had to not jump up and down, “Blogs? I love blogging!”

    Social Media Afficiandos are becoming regular workplace titles… it might be in the cards for you!
    .-= Look at what Alli wrote blog ..What I learned from Blogher ‘09 =-.

  2. It is Strange how your company ,which is a technology company, is not more hip to the social media thing.
    The Company I used to work for( a large invitation printing company near Worcester)had me doing blog research along with my job. Weekly I would publish industry trends based on what I saw. Oddly they would incorporate some of these ideas into their products or online vendors and never give me any credit for the idea.It was always the director of marketing or art director that miraculously had the ideas.
    Lesson : Always have them rewrite what your job responsibilities are before it becomes your job( even if you enjoy it)
    .-= Look at what lenny wrote blog ..I usually dont Reblog other stuff but this was so interesting I had to =-.

  3. Lenny,
    It is a technology company but most of the data is so sensitive that getting into social media might be very difficult, but the thing is social media is here no matter what.

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