Photo-A-Day #3097

We were playing around after tubby time tonight trying to see if Andrew would fit into Eva’s old Winnie-The-Pooh costume for Halloween. He does but would not let us put it onto him. He fought like crazy.

While we were wrestling with Andrew and giving up on getting him into the costume, Eva put the costume on. This is a costume for an 18-24 mo old child. She can still wear it. It is a little small, which is to be expected but she can still put it on. She put on the costume and then this fedora hat from Target and started making silly faces. This shot makes her look like those old cartoons where someone had a toothache. That was not my interpretation of it but rather my friend’s dad when he saw the photo on Facebook. And yep, he’s right, that is exactly what it looks like.

And this sorta makes sense as Eva has been complaining about wiggly teeth hurting her lately.

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One Response to “Pooh Attitude”

  1. Mo says:

    She has such a great personality!! I adore her :)

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