Pot Luck Night

Last night Allison and I hosted a pot luck night with our friends Neil and Andrea and Derek and Michelle. Each couple was responsible for one dish in the meal. Derek and Michelle brought a fantastic salad and some crescent roll breadsticks. Allison made a Mexican Meatloaf and I did Margaritas and a Dilly Ranch Dip, Neil and Andrea brought a key lime pie that Andrea made. As Neil stated, when the discussion turned to what to bring, “I got very quiet”. And since the evening centered around good friends and good food, I have photos of each course.

Michelle fills the salad bowls while Derek,
Neil and Andrea pretend to act non-chalant for the camera.

Salad and Margaritas and glowing cat eyes in the background.

Mexican meatloaf and breadsticks. The meatloaf is
overflowing with cheesey goodness. It may not be
too photogenic but man it tasted great.

Andrea’s awesome Key Lime Pie.
(see a favorable review on the Blog, no worries,
you always make great desserts Andrea.)

After dinner we all sat around and told stories and then we checked out the Star Wars fan film R.2. the Extra Special Astromech. And then we sat in rapt fascination as Microsoft Dancers kept in perfect rhythm to the music on Windows Media Player. What was pretty amazing was the swing dancers jump jiving and wailing to Rob Zombie’s Superbeast. That was a sight to see.

We also got into a discussion about which type of balls were used for which type of bowling pins. I think bowling may be our next adventure together, but can you have little balls and still play with duckpins or just candlepins, a question I’m sure that is waiting to be answered.

Everyone had a good time and no one went home hungry or thirsty as both Margaritas and soda from the Soda Club were made throughout the night.

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