Pre-Order Lego Universe Game Get Exclusive Minifig

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Second only to the Transformers, LEGO is one of favorite toys ever. I’ve collected many of the LEGO Star Wars sets, some Mission to Mars sets and many others. I could not keep up with all the amazing things that LEGO creates. That is one of the reasons that I am excited about the new LEGO Universe massively multiplayer online game (MMOG).

Here is what LEGO says about the new game.

“Within LEGO Universe, players will safely create, build, quest and socialize together. This entirely new online world will be the spot for LEGO enthusiasts of any age to form their own fun adventures!”

I’m excited. I’m excited because being able to create whatever I’d like with LEGO will be so much fun. I don’t have to own a ton of LEGO sets in order to play the game. I can create up to four characters, build things, smash things, go on quests. There are so many things that you will be able to do within the world.

The game is set so that kids from 8 – 80 can play. For parents concerned for their children’s safety and privacy there is a great parent’s center available.

Similar to other MMOGs LEGO Universe will be subscription based. The pricing structure has not yet been released.

If you pre-order the game right now you get an exclusive minifig and additional in game items from The Official LEGO Shop.

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