Pre-Vacation Packing Panic

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Okay so it wasn’t necessarily a panic but I did leave things like clothes and more to the very last minute. I of course carefully planned out things like cameras, video equipment and all the technology stuff. So, today on the way home from work, I stopped at Walmart and decided to buy us a new suitcase because the two we have are shot. The two big ones we have are so beat up that they have duct tape on them and pockets don’t close so I figure it was time. So we finally finished packing tonight and tomorrow, when we get to Florida we’ll discover what we forgot.

After work this morning I ran over to Isis Parenting in Needham. I was there to pick up some cloth diaper shells and biosoaker disposable inserts from GroVia. We’ve been doing cloth diapering with Andrew and have pretty much paid for themselves already in my opinion. With the cloth diapers that are available now it is tremendously easy to switch over from disposable to cloth. When we started planning the trip we wanted to do something easy but still very much in the cloth diapering department and Allison discovered the GroVia items. We’ll be testing them in a theme park and many other places during our vacation.

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  1. Getting ready and packing before a trip away can be stressful… my little trick is pack what you think you need, and then remove at least half of that stuff as it will never see daylight 🙂

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