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Videotape Roulette

I’m an ambassador for YesVideo and part of my ambassador duties is to try out the YesVideo service through CVS. I went over to my parent’s house to look through the media that they have with our collectively stored memories. I found photos, videos and even 8mm movies. I decided on selecting the 8mm movies to send off to get converted to DVD because we have no way of finding an 8mm projector to check out those movies. I have it in my head that maybe I’d scan some of the photos myself (but probably won’t) and the video tapes we just have to figure out which ones actually have personal stuff on them as opposed to old episodes of TV shows or presidential inaugurations. I have no idea why we have them.

Some 8mm movies

I looked through the 8mm movies and saw that many of them were from Christmases past. I found my first Christmas on a couple of reels and then the one from the year after and a few more years. I’m looking forward to seeing those movies and to seeing me as a baby.

There are photos in there

I looked through more things and found sets of photos that we had from my Great-Uncle Richard. He took tons of the family photos and there are slides, negatives and the actual photos to look through. Tons of photos. Just going through everything to select what we’d want to keep is going to take a ton of time. I can’t imagine converting all the stuff ourselves especially with all the outdated mediums.

All of this has also really gotten me thinking about the way technology has changed since my birth. I’m not even 40 years old and I’ve seen tremendous changes in technology that is hard to fathom when you think about it. My baby movies are on 8mm film with no sound and my son’s baby videos are in 1080p hi-definition that I took on my phone, and not a phone connected to the wall, a phone that weighs less than a candy bar and can store every single photo and movie from my childhood. Crazy.

Disclosure: I am a YesVideo Ambassador. I’ve visited YesVideo and seen what they do. I’ve sent my own personal memories to YesVideo and have been very impressed with what they do. Opinions about YesVideo are 100% my own.

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