Preparing His Pot O’ Gold

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LEGO has released their sixth series of collectible minifigures. In this set there is a Leprechaun minifigure. It even has smaller legs than the other figures. The figure even has his own little pot ‘o gold with tiny round gold bricks for the pot. I do love these little minifigures and their fun accessories. The funny thing is that I love the LEGO minifig skateboard figures but I have no love for skateboarders (I’ve complained a lot about them in the past*).

I’ve been thinking about LEGO a lot lately. We’re heading to Florida in a few weeks and when we get there we will be driving around in a Kia Sorento (I’ll be doing some reviews and videos of our trip in the Sorento). We’ll be doing a road trip from Boynton Beach to Orlando for a couple of days. While we are in Orlando we have many choices of places to visit like Disney, Sea World and the newly opened LEGOLand. I’ve talked to a few people about LEGOLand and the response has been very positive. It sounds like this would be a good place to take Eva. She enjoys playing with LEGO and I think that the place being geared towards kids might be worth the trip.

I wonder if LEGOLand Florida might be interested in a review?

*Skateboarders don’t bother me as much now because we are no longer living across from the Church where they would skate down the stairs and crack the concrete. We have a few skateboarders in the neighborhood and whenever I hear a skateboard going by I don’t tense up and get mad like I did back at our last place. Maybe it is because they just go by the house and don’t spend hours doing the same thing over and over again.

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2 thoughts on “Preparing His Pot O’ Gold”

    1. Dwan,

      The thing is, I have to convince Allison about going to LEGOland over Disney or SeaWorld. She has expressed that she thinks there is nothing at LEGOLand for her and that she will be bored. I think that we’ll be too busy watching Eva have fun to be bored. We’ll see.

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