Camo Ignitor Warnado 3pk

Press Release: Skylanders Final Waves 5 & 6

Camo Ignitor Warnado 3pk

If you’ve been reading this blog then you know that I am a huge Skylanders fan. I got the game a little before it was released and have been addicted ever since. We’ve got every Skylander that has been released and are just waiting on the final three so that we can fully complete the game and also complete each Elemental team. There are three final Skylanders to be released. They are Warnado (Air), Camo (Life) and Wham-Shell (Water). There is even a three pack coming out that includes Camo, Warnado and the previously unreleased Ignitor (except for the Nintendo 3Ds starter pack. Pictured above). I was supplied with some information to pass along to my readers.

These are the character bios for those characters.

One Strike And You’re Out!

Element: Air

Primary Attack: Spin Attack
Secondary Attack: Summon Tornado

Upgrades include:

o Sharp Shell
o Whirlwind Flight
o Turtle Slam

Bio: Warnado was hatched in the fury of a rare and powerful Enchanted Twister. Although initially frightened and quite dizzy, over the passing years he grew to enjoy his whirling surroundings and learned many abilities and secrets of the Air Element. This led to Warnado becoming a powerful force and the only known turtle of his kind. Now, the only time he gets dizzy is when standing still.


Element: Life

Primary Attack: Sun Burst
Secondary Attack: Firecracker Vines

Upgrades include:

o Searing Sun Blast
o Melon Fountain
o Peppers of Potency

Bio: Hatched at the roots of the Tree of Life, Camo is half-dragon, half-plant – with effervescent life energy flowing through his scaly leaves. This power allows him to cultivate fruits and vegetables at a highly-accelerated rate, which causes them to explode when they ripen. Camo’s unique gift caught the eye of Master Eon, initially because he was hungry and tried to eat a melon that exploded in his face. But upon realizing his true power, Eon convinced Camo to help the Skylanders protect their world.

Brace for the Mace!

Element: Water

Primary Attack: Malacostracan Mace
Secondary Attack: Starfish Bullets

Upgrades include:

o King’s Mace
o Poseidon Strike
o Mega Trident

Bio: Wham-Shell was ruler of a kingdom deep in the oceans of Skylands that for a long time lived peacefully. That is, until his underwater utopia was invaded by a legion of oil-drilling trolls that scattered his people to the wind. Armed with a powerful mace that had been handed down from one king to the next for generations, Wham-Shell defeated the greedy trolls and drove them away. Soon after, he joined the Skylanders to help defend against this type of atrocity ever happening again.

The Value and Replayability of Getting Additional Skylanders:

  • Each Skylander has unique moves, but they also have a unique mix of abilities, weapons, upgrades, strengths, and weaknesses that make playing with each a very different experience. As you play with your Skylanders it will start to become clear what types of enemies they are good at defeating, for instance Flameslinger is great against big slow melee enemies. He can use his flame feet to get away from them and then when they try to follow, they will have to walk through the fire trail that he just left. From a distance you can then pepper your enemies with arrows and continue to dart away. Unfortunately Flameslinger does not have as much health as some of the other Skylanders, so if you do get caught you could be in big trouble. Since you can switch characters at any time, you can then just pull Flameslinger off and put down a big brawling Skylander like Eruptor to get you out of close combat trouble. Flameslinger and Eruptor are both Fire Skylanders, but the way they play is very different and it takes practice and skill to learn how to master their different abilities and nuances.
  • As you collect new abilities and upgrades for your Skylanders how you play with them will change, because their strengths and weaknesses will have changed. For instance, when you start out with Hex she has two solid ranged offensive moves, but since she is not that fast you can often times get into trouble. As soon as you upgrade and get your third move, the Bone Wall, how you play with her will start to change. Instead of having to continually move around and shoot from afar, you can now cast a Bone Wall and use it as cover while you are attacking. As your abilities continue to evolve, how you play with Hex and all of the other Skylanders will continue to grow and change as well.
  • Some areas in the game also give you bonuses to damage and armor if you are using a Skylander from the correct element. Your attacks will do more damage and your enemies’ attacks will do less. Being able to switch to a Skylander of the correct element can be a big advantage.
  • In Battle Mode, you will find that certain element Skylanders will deal more damage to and take less damage from Skylnaders of certain elements. This elemental advantage can be the difference between a win and a loss in Battle Mode.
  • Each Skylander gives you access to a new Heroic Challenge. Completing Heroic Challenges is the only way that you can increase all of the different stats on each Skylander. Hats can give you a big stat boost, but you can only wear one hat. Since you can complete up to 32 Heroic Challenges with each Skylander you can drastically improve the stats of your Skylanders. For instance, Jump For It! is Wrecking Balls’ Heroic Challenge. If you are able to beat it your Skylander earns +8 to Speed. +8 to Speed is a huge and really noticeable stat boost and you can do additional Heroic Challenges to add even more stats. Having all of your stats above their starting levels makes a huge difference in Battle Mode and in the adventure.
  • Different Skylanders have different abilities that let you explore the Skylands and beat challenges and get accomplishments differently. For instance, Water Skylanders can travel out over water to find different hidden treasures. If you have a character that can fly, like Spyro, you can also travel out over water, but make sure that you have collected the flying upgrade to allow your Skylander to fly. Prism Break allows you to break crystals in the level Molekin Mine, you usually have to use a pick axe to break them but Prism Break can help you get through this level faster to get the accomplishment. There are all kinds of abilities that help you explore the Skylands.
  • Make sure to equip your Skylander with a hat. Hats can be found inside Elemental Gates and some can give as many as 15 additional stat points to your Skylander. Adding additional stats with a hat is a great way to beef up the abilities of your Skylander and they look cool too.

Disclosure: I was given the starter pack for the Wii but in the time since I purchased or received as family gifts, the rest of the Skylanders including another starter pack, this one for the Nintendo DS. Opinions about the game and figures are 100% my own.

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  1. We need eight more. Can’t wait for these. We recently found Cynder, Stealth Elf, and Drobot. It renews our interest in the game when we buy a new Skylander.
    Look at what Lynn wrote blog post ..Hiding Easter Eggs

    1. Lynn,

      Good luck finding the eight. I agree with you on finding new Skylanders making it a whole new game. I’ve been trying to get all my Skylanders leveled up on the Heroic Challenges and there is one that I can’t do with every character and that is You Break It You Buy It. That is a tough one and not every character can do it.

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