Pretty, Pretty Princess

Photo-A-Day #1802

Eva has been on a Princess kick lately. It could be because we have been reading Disney’s Princess Treasury (aff link) to her each night. Eva has given all of us in the family names like Cinderella, Snow White and Prince Eric. Eva herself is Ariel and she tells people that she is Ariel.

Yesterday I took Eva with me to Super Stop & Shop. We were in line to pay and Eva asked the cashier what her name was. The cashier told her and then asked Eva what her name was, her response “Ariel”. She did the same thing with the girls behind us at Church, too. She cracks me up.

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4 thoughts on “Pretty, Pretty Princess”

    1. Dad,
      Yep she had names for everyone. I think she needs to watch the Jungle book now because I read her a small story from it and she now calls herself Mowgli.

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