Price Protection at Best Buy

Yesterday I opened the Best Buy Flier as I do each and every Sunday to salivate over the cool tech and gadgets. An offer caught my eye for a Canon ZR850 for $199.00. What! Didn’t I just buy one for $254.00 on the 6th? (For those of you know don’t know, I certainly did buy one for $254 on the 6th.) I then saw a 4GB SDHC card for $39.99. And on the 6th I bought one for $74.00.

The prices dropped in less than 14 days so I was a bit livid. What the heck! I got screwed at Best Buy for not waiting for the next week. Or at least so I thought. I was talking with a friend about it and he said that there is a price protection plan at Best Buy. There was? That is great! I wasn’t convinced that they would honor it though. I tend to be ready for a fight with these things.

I looked at the Best Buy website to make sure that I was familiar with the policy and then I took my receipt and headed to the store. And to be honest I walked right in no one was in line I gave the girl behind the counter my receipt, pointed out the two products that I bought less than two weeks prior and walked out of there with $62.00 credited back to my credit card. It worked out great.

I certainly will go back to Best Buy for my future purchases.

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2 thoughts on “Price Protection at Best Buy”

  1. BestBuy has always been my favorite place to shop both online and off. Glad to hear they did you right, I have never had a problem with them since using them.

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