While taking a walk today with Eva and Allison I saw some burr bushes. I had my telephoto lens on my camera and it has a macro mode that I can choose to use. The macro feature is my favorite part of that lens.

After church today I finally finished working on my latest Wired Kayaker video. With everything said and done it was seven minutes long. I tried to upload it to MEVIO. The video is over one gig I suppose I should try to make it smaller. I was unable to avoid completely so I tried again. Unfortunately I think I will fall into the same problem. 1 GB is just too large to upload a single stretch at this time. I now have to select a trade-off between quality and compression. In that case I really need to find out how to create better videos before I create any more.

I’m not sure if I’m talking too fast too low or too mumbled for Dragon NaturallySpeaking to catch up with me. I may have to do more training so that I can just talk and Dragon will be able to easily follow what I am saying. All in all I think that if I do this I will probably learn to speak more clearly and more precisely. And that can only help me in the end. I’ll probably still run into the same grammatical problems though I never know where to put a comma or I use too many. So you look for a video that I’m doing soon that illustrates using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to blog.

I did start working on the Fry Sauce contest. That contest will begin October 15. So start thinking about your recipes.

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