Prismatic Perspective

Photo-A-Day #2479

A shot of the Optimus Prime figure (a keychain that Allison put on my birthday cake) standing behind my USB lava lamp, which doesn’t actually have lava in it but rather some glitter. I also ran that through instagram and set the focus to around where Prime’s face is.

There was a second day of snow today. I’m going to have to figure out what to do on those days when I am working and it snows all night or snows all day. Whether I hire someone to take care of it or get a snowblower. I’ll have to figure it out. However, I was lucky that Allison could take a few minutes and shovel a path to the car and a little circle around my car, hers gets garage treatment. I slept pretty great this morning. Hit the pillow read a page of my book and I was out. I just started the last of the Sword of Truth Series, Confessor. After that I’ll read the next Rick Riordan book because that will be a quick read and then The Game of Thrones books.

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  1. Last year we ended up buying the last snowblower in Marlborough, literally. it is an Ariens pro model with heated handgrips. I named him Angus. If you don’t want to buy a brand new one there is a place in Quincy that has about 50 used ones for sale. They do repairs for snowblowers and lawn equipment. It is Down the street from Curry Ace Hardware.

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