Protect your gear with ifrogz

Protect your gear with iFrogz
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I heard about ifrogz® a year or so ago and at that time I really wanted a certain company to get some custom iPod cases so that I could get one and show my support. Well, cut to a year later and I now have an iPod, an iTouch and a Zune. I also have a 15 month old little girl who likes to pick these expensive toys up and drop them. I had to do something to protect them.

Be Different, With a Custom Case. Millions of Possible Combinations!

I decided to look up ifrogz® again and find out what they had to offer. They had a product for my 1st generation iTouch. They had protective screens as well as protective covers made from 100% polished silicone called Wrapz. They come in a variety of colors. I picked up a blue one for me and a red one for Allison. I also got Allison a pair of custom headphones.

Custom Colors and Graphics
Like Nothing Else, Special Price!

Further searching and I found protective covers for my Zune and there are also tons of them for the iPod 80GB video that I had as well. Since I won’t be using that iPod much anymore so we’re going to let Eva have that one.

Let Eva have an iPod, well not right away but when she is older she’ll be all set because I also picked up a purple Tadpoleâ„¢. It also comes a set of headphones specifically designed for kids.

I am also very excited to announce that I am now an affiliate for ifrogz®. That means that all the talking up of the awesome product to all friends and family is going to pay me back a little.

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3 thoughts on “Protect your gear with ifrogz”

  1. me likey.
    me wanty!!

    do i just click on the link to order and then you get credit? i’m such a klutz these would be perfect…i’m also thinking of getting an iPhone in the near future…we’ll see…but these are fun!! i like the goldfish one:) great find, drewbie!!

  2. Mo,

    Yes, you simply click my links or banners that say ifrogz and make your purchase, and then I get the credit. Simples as that. They have some great sleeves for the ipod touch 2nd gen and the iphone. Make sure you also get a protective screen.

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