Psych is one of my favorite shows on TV. The show just continues to get better and better. We just watched this past week’s episode about the murder of the weatherman and just watching the interaction between Gus and Shawn is my favorite part. I laugh out loud every time they are on screen together. But watching the show this week it looks like something is changing with detective Lassiter. He seems to be warming up to Shawn for some reason. I haven’t been able to spot it and neither has Shawn. I think he will eventually though.

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  • Josh Miller says

    "Looks pretty neat. The built in quickness of play seems like it would help keep it interesting too, no…" (read more)
  • Drew says

    "So do I. He's excellent in that role and he is the perfect Doctor Strange!" (read more)
  • DEBIJOT says

    "I absolutely love him in Sherlock." (read more)