When it comes to CD or DVD replication I have been asked to do quite a bit for friends and family. Last year I worked on a video for work. I worked in collaboration with some other folks at work but I was the one who ultimately assembled all the footage and created the DVD. Then everyone wanted a copy. And I mean everyone. So I had to sit there and make DVD after DVD on my desktop computer. What I really needed was some easier way to do all of this DVD Replication. I don’t know if you have ever made a DVD for someone with an hour or so of material but it takes forever for your desktop computer to burn that DVD. Or at least it took mine that long. Luckily I was not doing any Large run DVD replication or I’d still be waiting for my computer to finish the job.

When Allison and I got married we created a CD to give to our friends and family as the wedding favor. The CD had a slide show as well as 11 songs from th wedding reception. It was a great gift and a labor of love as the slide show was 45 minutes long and contained over 600 photos. All the work was done in setting up the slide show. I certainly wasn’t excited about all the CD Replication that I had to do. And at that time the CD burner on my home computer died so we had to use my sister’s external drive. We are lucky that we only had to make a little under 200 CDs or once again I’d have been still completing the task.

I’m pretty sure that for any large projects with CD or DVD replication your home computer just isn’t the way to go. Have a professional do the replication for you. It saves time and headaches.

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2 Responses to “Pump ’em Out….”

  1. Ed says:

    I dont know what kind of DVD burner you had, or what your process was, but if you have a decent dvd program, and it only encodes your movie once, this is the part that takes a long time, you can just crank movies out like nothing. This is actually what I do for a part of my time at my job at a video production company.

  2. Drew says:

    I think that was my problem, the encoding, I did it over and over rather than once. Man what a dope I was. I also tweaked it a bit more each time I made a DVD and that was just me being overly critical.

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