Pumpkin Patch Pals

Photo-A-Day #2398

Have you ever bought the Halloween shaped pretzel bags from Utz. Inside there is a coloring board. Today Eva and I colored ours. She wanted pumpkins of all different colors. We used Crayola Crayons, Markers and even some colored glitter glue to put together out pumpkin patch pals.

A quiet day here at home. Eva’s first ever School photos came in and they are adorable. She looks so cute in them. We’re going to buy the whole set. I remember picture day when I was growing up. We used to have to go down to the room right outside the girl’s bathroom at Saint Mary Sacred Heart. That room was also where the book fairs would be held. There was a room like that on the boys side but it just housed extra desks and lots of arts and crafts paper rolls.

We also had another regular checkup for Allison and the baby. She’s little over two weeks away from her due date. We’re starting to get things ready, sorta. We have the pack and play crib all set up in our room so that buys us two weeks. But that is going to come fast. The baby was super active today too. The nurse asked if the baby had been active and as if on cue Allison’s stomach started doing the Samba. Yep, this little one is going to be pretty active. We can’t wait to meet him, or her.

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