Put on a Happy Face

Put on a Happy Face
Photo-A-Day #1623

drive-driving-car-steering-wheel-smiley-emoticon-000682-largeI think that little kids are happy because their toys have such happy smiling faces on them. Makes me wonder if things like our steering wheels had smiley faces on them then maybe we’d think that honking horns were more friendly? Or maybe we’d feel bad about mashing that smiley little face over and over in frustration and anger.

I’ve got to get my smile on this weekend because I need to get some photos done of myself. I hate getting shots of myself. This will be interesting.

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10 thoughts on “Put on a Happy Face”

  1. My take on it is that gallons of testosterone (and to a lesser extent estrogen) stop us from being receptive to what the world offers us and instead make us feel we need to control the world (or our small part of it).

    And when we, as adults, dis-empowered in this world through the costs of Civilization (a fair trade-off for the fight or flight of the Natural world, methinks) get behind the wheel of a car, we feel we have control, for once – and let all those bad drivers out there know it!

    Good luck with the snaps, I dread them myself.

  2. James,
    A very interesting take on the situation and one that makes sense. Thanks.

    And yeah those photos, those are not going to be fun.

  3. You could always go to a JC Penney or Sears portrait studio. Yes they are geared towards kids but it is also a very cheap way to get a headshot. That or Glamourshots at the Natick Collection.
    .-= Look at what lenny wrote blog ..I need a real job =-.

  4. Lenny….

    Or maybe a friend who is a wicked good photographer who wants to learn Digital might want to visit. But I’m not taking any clothes off man.

  5. This post came at a perfect time. I’ve had a really long, frustrating day and the picture made me smile!

    I always hate getting profile shots taken. Good luck at your photo shoot.

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