The Kids With Their Puzoodles

Puzoodles are Adorable Animal and Food Mashups

The Kids With Their Puzoodles

Puzoodles are adorable buildable animal/food Mash-Ups that are so fun to put together. The kids try their hands at building Purrfect Taco and Melon Bites. We received these for free from Blip Toys in conjunction with a Twitter party on June 29th where you can win your own Puzoodles Toys. Opinions are our own. You can RSVP to the Puzoodles Twitter Party on June 29, 2018 11am: You may even win a full set of Series 1 Puzoodles.

Puzoodles Twitter Party Grand Prize

The kids had so much fun building their Puzoodles. We received two of them and both kids wanted the Purrfect Taco. Luckily Andrew took the Melon Bites because Eva has a thing about sharks even cute ones made out of plastic that look a bit like a watermelon. You can see what the kids think about the Puzoodles plus their little song about them.

You can get these toys through and Target and soon Walmart. If you’d like to help us out and support our channels please consider buying through our affiliate links to below.

The assembly of Melon Bites the Watermelon/Shark hybrid was interesting. Andrew picked that one and he did have a bit of a challenge with it but in the end he assembled the whole thing himself. I did flip a few things around like the dorsal fin but otherwise it was done correctly. Despite not having any step by step instructions both kids could look at a quick diagram and assemble the toys easily.

Andrew and Melon Bite

The Purrfect Taco was the more challenging of the two builds. The pieces of the taco and the taco meat and the cat legs all had to come together correctly and Eva needed some help identifying which legs were which. Other than that she did the rest easily.

Eva and the Purrfect Taco

Once assembled the toys were pretty sturdy and were fun to play with. These buildable collectibles will delight kids of all ages.

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