Photo-A-Day #1272

After her bath tonight Allison put Eva into her Duckie Robe. We have tons of duckies for Eva and now that she is no longer sitting in the tiny baby bathtub (which was huge for her 11 4/5 months ago) I am able to put them all in the tub with her. Eva crawls around the tub picking up all the ducks and handing them to me. Bathtime is quickly becoming a very fun time in the house. Eva just loves the water. After she got out with the robe on we took a bunch of pictures and this one really captured how happy she was in the Duckie robe.

I checked out the DVR box on the TV downstairs and it works fine. So the issue is not the DVR but rather it is the lines in the house so I’ll try the signal booster and hope that takes care of the problem, if not then it is time to start some rewiring.

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