Radz are now Wild and Crazy

Radz Sports Crazy Homer and Gone Wild Scratch

I was sent two new Radz Collectible Candy Dispensers to try out and review. The opinions expressed are my own and the links within the post go to the Radz related sites and are not affiliate links.

The new Radz dispensers that I received were Homer from the Sports Crazy and Scratch from the Gone Wild lines. Soon you’ll be seeing Radz Sports Crazy dispensers at sporting events and Radz Gone Wild will be seen at zoos. Both of these new series will also be found at retailers near you. Here is what I think of both of these dispensers.

I really like the look of the new Radz figures. They have fun expressions and of course that same cheeky way of distributing candy. Homer is an All American baseball with expressive eyes and red stitching marks on either side of his cheeks. He does not have ears though and cannot wear any of the special glasses that other Radz figures can. He has a bright blue baseball hat on and matching shoes.

Scratch is a tiger with an orange body and three black stripes on either side of his body. He has a playful tiger face with big canine teeth and yet still looks playful. Scratch does have ears and so he can wear the mystery glasses that the rest of the Radz wear. His crazy hair is black with stripes of yellow and looks like the hair that the regular Radz have.

Both Homer and Scratch can exchange their hat and hair respectively with other Radz figures quickly and easily. I think these guys are two great figures to add to the Radz collection that you may have.

I’m going to repeat this last paragraph from my previous review. Radz is not just about the toys and the candy, they have a strong online presence and community as well. You can find Radz on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Pinterest. In addition to the candy dispenser there is a code inside each character package that you can use at RadzWorld.com to create a unique Radz Plus account to unlock exclusive content like games and photos and videos. There are even some free iOS apps that are fun to play, my favorite is Zip Flip.

Disclosure: I made a nice connection with the people from Radz while at Toy Fair 2013. I liked the product and asked if I could review them, they liked my first Radz review and sent me more of their products. Opinions are 100% my own.

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