I was listening to the radio in Texas and the DJ’s asked folks to call in to tell them things that they may have missed from LOST this past Wednesday. I don’t believe that stupidity is limited to a geographical region but rather stupidity stems, on many occasions, from our activities. One activity that I have observed time and again that gets the idiots from out of their respective woodworks is calling in to a radio show. People are dumb. More than one person called in to tell the DJ’s that they couldn’t believe that Sawyer knew ‘Zeke’s’ name. WHAT! I roared at the radio. “Have you ever SEEN an episode of LOST before?”

Why would I have such a reaction? Well for one thing I value accuracy. If you are going to speak in a public forum at least know what you are talking about. Sawyer, whose name on the manifest I’d James, gives people nicknames to distance himself and also to exert a power over the people he is around. He calls Kate ‘Freckles’, he called Locke ‘Mr. Clean’ in that episode. So when he called the crusty older guy from The Others ‘Zeke’ he was using his defense mechanism of exerting control over someone by giving him or her a name. Idiot.

What I noticed on the show was that ‘Zeke’ called specifically to Alex. Alex is the name of the French woman’s child. Is that the same Alex? Will we learn who Alex really is? What happened to Michael? When will we get the Rose and Bernard back-story? Where is Desmond? The French Woman? These are more pertinent questions than how did Sawyer know the guy’s name was ‘Zeke’?

Oh yeah, I saw a preview for Date Movie. Looks like romantic comedies are getting the Scary Movie ‘treatment’. I can’t even count the number of movies that were lampooned in the preview. Looks to be funny. Stupid funny but funny all the same.

Have you watched Four Kings yet? It is on Thursdays at 8:30pm on NBC right before My Name Is Earl. I think Four Kings, My Name Is Earl, Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother are the best sit-coms of this season. With their success I predict many more comedy shows than cop or sci-fi additions to next season. Many of the sci-fi shows crashed and burned after they were slapped together this season to compete with LOST. Good. Get the imitators and the glut of ‘reality’ shows off the air. I want to laugh and enjoy TV rather than watch good people self-destruct for their 15 min of fame.

I’m in the Chicago airport waiting to go home to Providence so I have had some time to break in the QWERTY keyboard on the Treo.

It looks like once again blogging of Photo-A-Day has hit a roadblock. First I used to post the image to Buzznet and I was able to use the Blog This function to post the image to Blogger and thus The BenSpark. Then that stopped working properly. So I began posting to Buzznet then using the Blog This setting to send the image to MySpace. I would then copy that blog post to Blogger and thus The BenSpark. Now MySpace requires a preview and post feature and I can no longer post automatically to MySpace. I have to cut and paste the link to the image on Buzznet as well as cut and paste the write up. Two separate cut and paste jobs covering multiple windows and pages taking more than triple the time it used to take to post. A message will be sent to Buzznet, Blogger and MySpace. This process should not be difficult.

Basic tips at the airport and on the plane:

When you enter the bathrooms at the airport and the in corridor is the same as the out one, STAY ON THE RIGHT!

How hard is it to find your seat on a plane. They are labeled EVERYWHERE. Look at your TICKET!

If you can’t lift it into the overhead by yourself, it is NOT a carry on!

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