I have been reading Carl Hiaasen’s book Skin Tight lately. Well, I have been reading it on take offs and landings when I can’t use my iPod on the plane. And then I try and read it between fits of sleeping on the plane. I was actually fully asleep today on the plane when the captain came over the super loud speaker system and startled me awake.

Anyway the book, like all of Carl’s books is filled with a cast of eccentric characters. These characters are so well described in the books that I can picture them perfectly in my head. I just love how Carl makes such mundane things become so interesting. I also like the intricate plots that he weaves while making me laugh as I read the book. If you have not read a book by Carl Hiaasen then I suggest you check out a few of them. Skin Tight would be a good place to start and maybe Tourist Season or Skinny Dip. Each one is a good entertaining read.

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