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Photo-A-Day #4659

I was planning on taking a photo of Eva for today but left the house to go to work and wasn’t able to do so. Today Allison and the kids had a movie day and they watched Jumanji (original one) and Avatar. Eva loved the movie and so she made herself a Nav’i ponytail. Allison had the kids watch Avatar because of the ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Eva cannot wait to go on that even more so now.

It is tough on days like these to be working weekend nights. I miss out on the fun of watching the kids seeing different movies and their reactions to them. I’m glad that Eva enjoyed Avatar. Andrew didn’t like it very much, but he did like Jumanji.

So, instead of a photo of Eva and her homemade Nav’i ponytail I have more LEGO images. The little dragster is a set that came free with a LEGO store purchase. I picked up the new Black Panther sets and the Thor vs Loki Might Micros set from yesterday’s post. I’ll do an in depth review of he Black Panther LEGO sets when I get a chance to.

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