Regeneration One

Photo-A-Day #2661

Back when I was 10 years old Transformers was the biggest thing in boys toys. I got boxes and boxes of them for my birthday and for Christmas. I enjoyed playing with each and every one of them. I enjoyed the cartoons and I really enjoyed the comic books. I would buy them at comic book shops, the local drugstore and anywhere else I could find them. I collected nearly all of them from the original Marvel run. I used to have a list of the ones I was missing from that run but that was on an old phone and I didn’t copy it over to the new so I need to go through my old comics and find those ones I have and determine the ones I’m still missing.

I know that I am missing the last five comics from the run and I am glad that IDW has gathered them together into a compilation so that I can read them and then dive right into the continuing storyline. There was a fan based movement to have the writer, Simon Furman, pick up the original G1 storyline and keep it going. Now that has happened and I cannot wait to read what he’s done. But I am wondering, should I go back and read my entire archive before I read these or should I just read the last 5 books and then issue #81. I suppose I could re-read all my old books, I just have to dig through the pile in the office to find the right longbox.

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